manage your life with joy

Kanbana is a personal task manager for everyday activities that will help you gain clarity and balance workload.

App Product Mockup App Product Mockup

iPhoneempty your head

When you are on the go and something important pops into your mind it only takes a few seconds to create a new task and assign a color to it.

  • Pull to create a new task
  • Drag and drop to move tasks around
  • Always available with full offline support
App Showcase Image
App Showcase Image

iPadclarity at a glance

See the bigger picture of what's going on in your life. Task colors combined with a clean design makes it possible to comprehend your board within seconds.

  • Create a task in a single movement
  • Zoom out and see the whole board
  • Always available with full offline support

Desktopat the office

Web application available for Windows and Mac for easy and fast access when you are at the office.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast task creation
  • Fluent drag & drop experience
  • Simple design that is easy to comprehend
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  • Single device access
  • Single task board
  • In-app chat support
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  • iPhone access
  • iPad access
  • Desktop/Web access
  • Multiple task boards
  • In-app chat support
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Need help?

Please write support@kanbana.com if you have questions or feedback.