Getting Started

With Kanbana, you use:

  • Task Cards

  • Columns

  • Boards

You can easily add, edit, move, or delete Task Cards, Columns and Boards.

Task Cards are ideas or tasks to complete. 

Use Columns to track status - such as In Progress or Complete This Week - or create different lists. 

Boards are used to separate projects - such as Shopping Lists, Trip Plans, and Work.

Create an account in order to access your Kanbana from multiple devices and on the web at

Become a Premium Subscriber to use more than 20 Task Cards or create multiple Boards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I create a Task Card?

You can create a new Task Card by tapping either the “+” or “add task card”.    

How do I delete or edit a Task Card or multiple Task Cards at one time?  

To delete or edit a Task Card first tap on the Task Card to open it.  Once opened you can edit text, change color, or tap on the trash can to delete. 

A long tap on the mobile app provides you with the option to select multiple Task Cards to delete, move or change the color all at one time. 

How do I move Task Cards?

You can either drag a Task Card up or down within a Column or move them to other Columns. 

How do I create a new Column?

Create a new Column by tapping  “add column” which appears on the far right.  

How do I delete or change the name of a Column?

To delete or change the name of a Column first tap on the column title (such as Doing Today) where you can then edit the title or to delete select the trash can in the upper right corner.     

How do I create a new Board?  

In the Menu tap on My Task Boards and then “create new board…”  Only Premium subscribers can have more than one Board.   

How do I change a Board's name?

On the iPhone tap on the picture of the clip-board in the upper right corner and then tap on edit. On the iPad just tap on the name of the board you want to edit.  

I have added less than 20 Task Cards but still seem to be getting the Pop up Kanbana Premium reminder?    

The pop-up only happens if you attempt to make more than 20 Cards or attempt to make more than one Board. To do either would require a Premium subscription. The first column "Getting started" has several Cards in it containing basic instructions. They can be updated or deleted and do count toward the 20. 

Can I share one of my Boards with someone else?

If you use Kanbana on the web at there is a way to provide read only access to one of your Boards without having to share your password.  Please go to the Menu, then tap on Boards.  On the next screen you will see a list of your Boards with a trash can, copy symbol and arrow next to each. Please select the arrow next to the Board you would like to share and it will guide you through the rest of the process.

My Board is frozen or not responding?   

Generally the easiest and fastest way to get everything unfrozen and syncing correctly again is to log out and log back in.

Is there a way to duplicate or restore deleted Boards or Columns?  

Yes, on the Menu tap Restore which will give you the option to restore deleted Task Cards, Columns or Boards.    

How do I update or cancel my subscription?   

Please update or cancel your subscription the same way it was started.  If you subscribed through the App Store, you will need to update or cancel your subscription on your iPhone or IPad through the App Store.  If you subscribed on the web, please update or cancel your subscription at